Women's Lightweight Mesh Breathable Trainers

Women's Lightweight Mesh Breathable Trainers

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“Treat your feet to our effortless Comfort Walking Sneakers, give your feet the comfort they deserve”

Spring season means carefree footwear, but for those who suffer from conditions like a high arch, wide feetplantar fasciitis, bunions, or even general painful feet, it can be tricky to find shoes that will give all-day comfort.

Introducing our hands-free sneakers, The easy-to-wear sneaker features cushioning to keep you looking—and feeling—good all day. It's perfect for spring walks and to help you enjoy the outdoors and stay active!



CLOUD COMFORT CUSHIONING: Makes your feet feel like they’re floating every step you take, giving you all-day comfort and support 

 MAXIMUM BREATHABILITY: Soft mesh for cool, dry feet in summer

 COMFORTABLE SUPPORT: Our sneakers have a soft and smooth sole paired with a secure design so you walk in comfort without foot pain.

 IMPROVE POSTURE - The feet are where bad posture begins. Help improve the mobility of your hips, back & knees by eliminating the pain caused by your feet.

✅ LACE FREE, HASSLE-FREE: Now you no longer have to bend down to tie your shoelaces, simply slip it on to get your day started.

 PERFECT FOR WIDE FEET: With a width of 3.5 inches/ 9 cm measure from the insole, these make perfect sneakers for people with wide feet, they are made of a stretchable knitted material, cater to people with up to EE width. 

Size chart:

*In between sizes? we recommend getting one size up.
**Please measure your feet instead of your shoes to ensure accurate sizing